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Writing For Passive Income Takes Time

There are many different types of freelance writing, and what may surprise many novice writers is how different the writing jobs can be. Paid freelance writing gigs regarding creating content and writing for passive income in the long run require two different strategies, and many writers have a hard time adjusting to these differences.

The first major hurdle is the thought many writers have about “writing for free.” Because backlinks are critical for getting ranked in the search engines, and for making passive income, writing for blogs and article directories is critical in marketing your pages. Many writers see this as writing for free, and can’t get over just how important it is to making passive income. This is a critical step towards any type of permanent residual income from writing.

The second major obstacle is that passive income simply takes time. There is a common rule of thumb that a writer doing a lot of article marketing online won’t see the full impact of his or her work for a full six months. Because of this, many writers actually quit before they even see the full fruit of their labors!

There are many other obstacles to making a full time residual income, and part of the issue is how work heavy and front loaded the process is. Writers who are serious must do a ton of work up front for what seems like pennies, and when compared to an hourly rate, it’s hard to resist just doing all freelance writing.

Any writer who wants to earn a low maintenance and recurring monthly income will have to learn to get over these problems to get to the next level of passive income.