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1. What Are The Different Types Of Marketing?

Marketing in its simplest terms refers to the marketing and selling of goods and services using the Internet as the sales and distribution medium. I have been selling trustworthy products now for three years. What started as a cottage industry in the early nineties has mushroomed into a global multibillion-dollar industry that has been embraced by industrial giants such as Microsoft and General Electric.

The Internet has reduced the world into a global village, has made distance irrelevant and time zones little more than an inconvenience. Businesses in the remote parts of India can easily service clients in the bright cities of America, while goods produced in China are sold to consumers in all parts of the world.

The Internet has made all this possible and made  Marketing a reality. You will find different ways of Marketing, such as Video Marketing on sites like YouTube or Vimeo or building backlinks for your products through learning SEO. Understanding graphics and Web Design through Online Courses all helps when Marketing Online

Internet Marketing offers anybody over a certain age with access to a computer and access to an Internet connection, the opportunity to go into business for themselves with little or no start-up costs.
There are two main ways to conduct business over the Internet.

You could either sell your own products and services, in which case you will be doing business as a merchant. Many people though, have neither the time nor resources to create and offer their own products or services.

Affiliates are Internet Marketers who are actually middlemen or women. They will typically have a website of their own, and on this website they will promote or review a product or service that is provided by a third party (the merchant). Affiliates earn money by joining the affiliate programs of merchants, and earn commissions when visitors to their websites go to the merchant’s website by clicking on either a textual or graphical link strategically placed on the affiliate’s website.

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